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My Favorite And Least Favorite Ads At The Super Bowl

My Favorite And Least Favorite Ads At The Super Bowl

by Josh Amidon 

I promised myself that this article wouldn’t turn into a hate filled speech against Tom Brady or the New England Patriots. And because of that, I’m not going to mention that the Patriots cheat more than I do playing Monopoly (when I’m the banker). I’m not going to mention that Tom Brady is guilty as sin of Deflategate and walked away with only a slap on the wrist. And I’m not going to mention that I’m pretty sure Bill Belichick is The Emperor from Star Wars. I have too much class to bring that all up….

What I’m here to talk about is not the outcome of the game, but the ads during the game! To be honest, I don’t feel the commercials were all that great compared to years past, but some were still worth writting home about. With that being said, here’s my favorite commercials from the 2017 Super Bowl!

My Favorite

Kia Niro:

To be fair and unbiased, I’d love anything with Melissa McCarthy. She’s funny, the ad was funny – good job Kia.




The first live Super Bowl commercial in decades didn’t disappoint! Everything works so well together, it was a custom spot for the Super Bowl, but it kept with it’s solid “bad things happen when you’re hungry” normal marketing premise. Everything worked so well.   




Christopher Walken doing a serious reading of ‘N Sync’s hit song “Bye Bye Bye” - as Justin Timberlake is sitting right next to him AND they're dressed up like they're hosting Masterpiece Theatre? Genius.




Normally, I gravitate towards humor in my favorite ads – but this one was an exception. It was very simple, no stars, no glam. It only features a girl, her father and his question “What do I tell my daughter?”



My Least Favorite

Mr. Clean:

This ad features a woman instantly attracted to the animated Mr. Clean, then has some kind of weird sexual mating dance with him as they clean her house?!?! I’m disturbed on many levels, but when did Mr. Clean become a sex icon?   



Do you agree? Hit me up at Josh@asterfg.com and let me know what your favorites from the game were! Until then, I’ll go sit in the corner and be incredibly jealous of Tom Brady’s good looks and perfect freakin’ hair….can’t stand that guy. 

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